Lock Upp’s Poonam Pandey says she tried to kill herself many times due to ex-husband’s abuse: ‘He’d beat me like a dog’

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Poonam Pandey has said that she attempted to take her life multiple times due to the constant physical abuse by her ex-husband Sam Bombay. The model-actor shared the story on Saturday’s episode of Ekta Kapoor’s Lock Upp after the contestants were given a task to discuss the topic of mental health and emotional well-being. Poonam said that being inside the reality TV jail is a blessing for her as it is far better than the life that she had trapped herself into with Sam Bombay. Also Read: Poonam Pandey says she got ‘brain haemorrhage’, Sam Bombay used to hit her

Poonam, who tied the knot with Sam in September 2020, filed a domestic violence case against him just weeks after their marriage. The producer was arrested and later released on bail. During the latest episode of Lock Upp, Poonam recalled that the physical abuse by Sam made her think she is not strong enough to live.

She said, “This jail, the food, my sleep, it is luxury for me. I was in a relationship for four years. Those four years of my life, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat. I would not eat for days, that’s why I crave vada pav. I would get beaten up, I would get locked in one of my bedrooms. My phone was broken, so I couldn’t make any calls. And the next time I would just feel that I should kill myself.”

Poonam, who had previously said that she sustained a brain haemorrhage due to Sam’s violence, added, “I have tried to kill myself multiple times. Kutte ki tarah maarta hai na, kutte ki tarah, to mujhe aise ehsaas hone laga tha mai kamjoor hoon yaar (He would beat me up like a dog, then I started feeling that I am very weak).”

Poonam also recalled how photos of her from the hospital went viral and people would make fun of her, saying that she deserved it. She said, “Mai zinda hu ye bahut badi baat hai mere liye, mai aaplog ke saath baithi hu ye badi baat hai mere liye (It’s a big deal for me that I am alive today and sitting here with all of you.) But I’m proud of the fact that I’m out of it.”

The actor further urged people facing domestic abuse to stand up for themselves. She said, “All the women and men because they also go through it, I would like to tell them all that please leave it, don’t drag such relationships. Life is very precious please respect it.”

If you need support or know someone who does, please reach out to your nearest mental health specialist. Helplines: Aasra: 022 2754 6669; Sneha India Foundation: +914424640050 and Sanjivini: 011-24311918


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