Kareena Kapoor asks if Spy Bahu character is Parsi in cute BTS video, fans love how invested she is in the show

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Kareena Kapoor has turned narrator with TV show Spy Bahu. The actor has shot for the show and was her usual excited self on the sets. Colors has shared a behind-the-scene video from her shoot which shows her rehearsing her lines and shooting her scenes in front of a chroma screen. The show is said to be a love story between a suspected terrorist Yohan and a spy named Sejal. Also read: Kareena Kapoor shoots promo for TV show Spy Bahu with a disclaimer: ‘She is not an actor in the show’

Kareena is seen in a brown crop top and pants as she gears up to shoot for the show’s promo. She begins saying her lines in Hindi, “Duniya ki har love story ki shuruaat kujh isi tarah hoti hai. Ladka ladki milte hain jaise Sejal aur Yohan (Every love story in the world begins the same way. The boy and the girl meet, just like Sejal and Yohan).” In between the scenes, she is seen asking a crew member “Yohan, it’s Parsi?”

A viewer commented, “I was laughing watching this behind the scene the way she is asking characters names @colorstv second promo please.” A fan wrote, “Woww.. Just can’t wait.” Another said, “Super excited.”

Talking about the show behind the scenes, Kareena expresses her happiness over having a female protagonist playing a spy. “I like Yash Chopra kind of feels because I have come from that school and I love those kind of movies. Those are eternal love stories,” she added. 

Colors shared the promo with the caption, “Ek gazab love story ki shuruwaat kuch iss tarah hoti hai. Jab #BehindTheScenes ho itne interesting toh socho kahaani hogi kitni exciting. (An amazing love story begins like this. When behind the scenes are so interesting, just imagine how exciting the story would be).”

Sana Sayyad and Sehban Azim will be seen as Sejal and Yohan on the show, respectively. In Bollywood, Kareena is awaiting the release of her film Laal Singh Chaddha, starring Aamir Khan. It is the official Hindi remake of Forrest Gump. After several delays, the producers of the film have now declared the new release date – August 11, 2022.

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