Kangana Ranaut reacts as Payal Rohatgi says she uses Alia Bhatt’s name for attention in heated quarrel on Lock Upp

Payal Rohatgi has said that Kangana Ranaut uses Alia Bhatt’s name for the sake of publicity. Speaking on the stage of Lock Upp, ahead of her entry as a participant on the show, Payal said that Kangana ‘piggy backs’ on Alia’s name. The former Bigg Boss contestant was referring to Kangana’s recent criticism of Gangubai Kathiawadi. (Also read: Lock Upp complete list of contestants: Kangana Ranaut gets Payal Rohatgi and more on board)

A reporter asked Payal Rohatgi why she’s working in an Alt Balaji show, given her past criticism of the platform. Payal insisted that personal opinions may be different from professional equations. She added that even host Kangana had a difference of opinions with producer Ekta Kapoor, but Kangana is now headlining Ekta’s show Lock Upp.

This infuriated Kangana and she said in a stern voice, “Do not piggy back on me. Talk about your own experiences, do not use my past experiences. Do not take my name.” Payal told her that she only mentioned Kangana as she was sitting right in front. “I would have named someone else if you were not present here.”

Kangana then commented, “So, you would still talk of someone else’s experiences. You are still not saying that you would talk about your own experiences. You just proved my allegations right.” According to the format of the new reality show, contestants are given a set of charges that they are supposed to defend themselves against during their stint on the show. Payal was told that she cashes in on others’ controversies for the sake of publicity.

Responding to Kangana’s objections, Payal said, “Why then do you use others’ names? I can also say that you piggy back on Alia Bhatt’s name and (are using) Gangubai Kathiwadi for the sake of grabbing attention.” Kangana said, “Do not talk about me, I create my own controversies, that is my opinion about them.” (Also read: Kangana Ranaut now hails Alia Bhatt’s Gangubai Kathiawadi with its ‘big hero and superstar director’. See post)

Earlier, Kangana had attacked Gangubai Kathiawadi and called Alia Bhatt a “bimbo” adding that the film’s biggest mistake is “wrong casting”. However, after the film’s release, Kangana wrote on Instagram Stories: “Happy to hear theatres are being revived in South film industry with record breaking collections. I hear some baby steps are being taken in Hindi belt also. With recent female centric film which has a big hero and a super star director. They may be baby steps but they are not insignificant. They will be crucial for theatres which are on ventilators here. Great.”

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