K.G.F star Yash: People need entertainment in cinemas

With films beelining for theatrical releases, Kannada actor Yash’s K.G.F: Chapter 2 is also finally set to hit cinemas. The actor says he is a firm believer in entertaining his fans on the big screen, despite the rising popularity of OTT platforms.

“People need entertainment in cinemas, where it is a fantasy world and you understand things in a big way. I am a person who became an actor by watching cinema. I believe in that world,” he tells us.

With the on again, off again functioning of cinemas due to the pandemic impacting the overall economics of the film industry has been difficult.

And Yash also feels the impact of theatres being shut. “Cinema not being there and not being watched that way where you go into the mode (was not desirable). On OTT with remote on your TV will not give you that experience. While enjoying films, you have to leave everything aside and go into a theatre. Shed everything and get into that world, that’s the process you enjoy,” the actor explains.

The 36-year-old says not just his film, K.G.F : Chapter 2, he is looking forward to watching all the films that is releasing in cinemas.

“I just want to watch good films on screen. It has been a depressing, I am an audience first and then an actor,” he adds.

Being theatres being back in business, another aspect that Yash feels happy about is how pan-India films have come to the prominence, with many set for release.

The actor, whose film K.G.F : Chapter 1 was one such project that was a huge success, says, “I think it is very obvious. I don’t understand why are we thinking like north, south, east, west… it is a whole industry where people like to watch different things. So why these barriers?”

He further elaborates, “The pan-India box office is huge and if someone I ready to tap all these markets then imagine the possibility. The audience is waiting to watch all kinds of content. We have to figure out a way how to reach a place where we can entertain everyone.”


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