Inside Gabriella Demetriades’ 20-min workout featuring intense calorie-crunching full-body exercises: Watch video

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Actor Arjun Rampal’s girlfriend Gabriella Demetriades is a gym freak, and her latest video on social media is proof. The South African model and fashion designer took to Instagram recently to drop a short clip of herself working out at her home gym. She did five calorie-crunching full-body exercises during the 20-minute session of 5 rounds and inspired her followers to hit the fitness bandwagon. Gabriella nailed the rigorous routine dressed in an olive green sports bra and navy blue yoga pants with hair tied in a sleek ponytail.

On Monday, Gabriella took to Instagram to share a video of her exercise routine and captioned it, “A little Monday circuit to get you going, I really do love the beginning of a new week and a great workout. 20 mins, 5 rounds.” The video begins with Gabriella doing the Spilt Squats, followed by Sumo Deadlifts, Side Lunges, Wall Ball Shots and Pelvic Thrusts. Scroll ahead to watch the clip. (Also Read: Gabriella Demetriades slays the ultimate beach babe look in cut-out dress and nude bikini set)

The exercises Gabriella did during her exercise session pack in many benefits. So, we listed the advantages of doing each workout and why you should also practise them. Read on to know more.

Split Squat Benefits:

Split Squat is a compound leg exercise targetting multiple muscles in the lower body, including your hip flexors, hamstrings, quadriceps, and glutes. They increase leg strength, enhance flexibility and boost balance in the body. Additionally, this exercise is great for people with back problems. Gabriella increased the difficulty level of the workout by lifting a barbell on her shoulders.

Sumo Deadlift Benefits:

Sumo Deadlifts correct the posture, put less pressure on the spine, build muscle mass, and strengthen the quadriceps, glutes and hamstrings. It is also used as a rehabilitation exercise to overcome back injury.

Side Lunges Benefits:

Side Lunges help develop balance, stability and strength, train inner and outer thighs, target the appearance of cellulite, stabilise the core muscles, strengthen legs and buttocks and improve spinal health. Practising this exercise makes the body more functional, helping one perform daily activities efficiently.

Wall Ball Shots Benefits:

Wall Ball exercises improve the heart rate, boost cardiovascular fitness and turn the body into a calorie-crushing machine.

Pelvic Thrusts Benefits:

Lastly, Pelvic Thrusts help improve posture, strengthen the glutes, stabilise the core and pelvis, improve bone density, mobility and speed, build lower-body muscles and support overall lower-body functionality.

Meanwhile, Gabriella Demetriades is in a relationship with Arjun Rampal since 2018. The couple has no plans of getting married and are currently in a live-in relationship and raising their son Arik.


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