Hema Malini recites shlokas as she performs aarti for a contestant on Hunarbaaz: ‘Main nazar utaarna chahti hu’

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Hema Malini recently recited shlokas and performed an aarti for a contestant of Hunarbaaz. A new promo of the Mother’s Day Special episode of the show, due to be aired on Saturday, showed the actor getting emotional when the contestant Akash gave a special performance to pay tribute to his mother. Hema reacted by going up to the stage and performing a special gesture for Akash, and blessed him for his future. Also Read: Hema Malini rides tonga with Ramesh Sippy in unseen throwback pic from Sholay sets, wishes him on birthday

Akash’s performance where he danced to Tu Jo Mila from Bajrangi Bhaijan while hanging on a hoop started with an act showing that his mother put her gold bangles on a mortgage to get ration for their family. At the end of his performance, a voiceover by him says “dekhna maa, aapke is kangan ke karje ko main apni mehnat se lautaunga (you will see maa, I will pay off the debt of your bangles with my hard work).”

Hema Malini was very impressed with the act and went on to the stage, where Akash, and his mother who had come to see his performance, touched the actor’s feet. Hema said, “Main nazar utaarna chahti hu (I want to ward evil energies off him).” Hema recited a prayer while doing Akash’s aarti, and said that doing so at the time of sunset is very good.

She also applied a tika on his forehead with the ash collected from the fume, while Akash touched her feet again. “God bless,” she said. Several Instagram users commented heart emojis on the video.

Another promo of the episode showed Hema surprising women contestants by bringing their children on the stage for a special performance. The actor will also be seen dancing on her famous song Dream Girl with Mithun Chakraborty. Another promo showed Hema and Mithun recreating her famous scene from Sholay that was picturised on her and her husband Dharmendra. A makeshift tanga (horse-drawn vehicle) was placed on the stage for the act.


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