Guntier Expands Product Line to Include Kitchens and Wardrobes

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Guntier, a leading manufacturer of building materials in India, announced a groundbreaking expansion into the kitchen and wardrobe market. This strategic move marks a new chapter for the company, transforming them from a trusted supplier of building blocks to a one-stop shop for crafting dream homes.

For over six years, Guntier has been synonymous with quality and reliability in the realm of plywood, shuttering plywood, and flush door shutters. They’ve earned the trust of architects, builders, and homeowners nationwide with their unwavering commitment to excellence.

Now, recognizing the evolving needs of their customers and the growing demand for integrated building solutions, Guntier is stepping into the kitchen and wardrobe arena. This expansion caters to the modern homeowner’s desire for a seamless design experience, where functionality and aesthetics are perfectly intertwined within their living spaces.

Guntier isn’t just entering this new market; they’re bringing their established expertise in crafting exceptional wood products. Customers can expect kitchens and wardrobes that not only elevate the visual appeal of their homes but are also built with the same unwavering commitment to quality that has defined the Guntier brand.

The company promises a diverse range of options to suit every style and budget. Imagine sleek, modern kitchens that maximize space and functionality, or warm and traditional wardrobes that exude timeless elegance. Guntier’s meticulous attention to detail ensures each creation reflects the homeowner’s unique vision.

This expansion is a natural progression for Guntier. Their existing knowledge of wood properties, construction techniques, and design principles translates perfectly into the kitchen and wardrobe domain. They plan to offer a variety of options, from contemporary and minimalist to classic and ornate, ensuring a perfect fit for every homeowner’s taste.

Industry experts predict a surge in the kitchen and wardrobe market in the coming years, fueled by rising disposable incomes and a growing desire for home renovations. Guntier is well-positioned to capitalize on this trend with their established reputation, commitment to quality, and diversified product portfolio.

The expansion is expected to create exciting new job opportunities for skilled craftspeople and talented designers. Guntier also plans to launch dedicated showroom spaces across their network. These showrooms will not just showcase their new kitchen and wardrobe offerings but will provide customers with a holistic design experience. Trained professionals will be on hand to guide customers through the selection process, ensuring their dream kitchens and wardrobes become a reality.

This strategic move by Guntier underscores their dedication to innovation and growth. By venturing into new market segments, they are well on their way to becoming a household name not just for building materials, but for creating beautiful, bespoke living spaces that reflect the homeowner’s individuality.


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