From summer fashion to tips for good sleep: Here’s a weekly roundup of’s top features

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With rising temperatures, and the festive spirit of Holi in the air, the third week of March was vibrant and hot in equal measure. To survive the hot and humid Mumbai summer, we got two Mumbai-based industry experts to handpick five fabrics that are suitable for the stuffy summer. We also spoke to three Mumbaikars about their passion for upcycling—a sustainable trend which has gained traction in the city over the past few years. 

Holi comes in all kinds of different shades of colour, fun and experiences. Experts shared experimental variants of thandai including coffee, vodka and strawberries. Playing with colour comes with the need for skincare and experts helped with a complete nail, skin, and haircare guide with easy and effective tips to help people celebrate a carefree Holi.

Our extensive Holi coverage also captured how Mumbaikars planned to celebrate the festival this year, a change from the last two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the festival comes with its negative side which is unfortunately faced by many women. We also spoke to women across India who shared their lifelong experiences celebrating Holi, and how incidents that might have happened decades ago continue to evoke dread in them.

Sleep—as essential as it is, can prove to be elusive for many of us, impacting our everyday lives from energy levels to mood swings. Our coverage for World Sleep Day—observed on March 18—delves into the importance of sleep, power naps, and how harmful excessive screentime is can be. City doctors also debunk common misconceptions surrounding sleep, and share actionable tips to help people sleep better. Lastly, Oral Health Day (March 19) explored dental caries—a globally widespread condition that over 50 per cent of Indians develop. Experts highlight the importance of early attention and care with regards to oral health.

Coffee in your thandai? Put this and other playful twists on the Holi classic

What with celebrations involving colours, food and drinks in equal measure, many are looking forward to Holi this time. Here are some unique innovations revelers can try with thandai – the cooling drink that is synonymous with the festival. Pic/Kaala Chashma/Something`s brewing

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The complete Holi care guide: How to protect your skin, hair and nails during the festival of colours

Holi is a day filled with joy, but if dread seeps in the second you think about playing with colours, we’ve got you covered. Experts share effective tips which will take away all your worries. Pic/iStock

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Boundaries breached: Why some women never play Holi

If Holi evokes dread in your heart, you are not the only one. The festival of colours, usually involving a chaotic group celebration, tends to be used as an excuse to override personal boundaries. Women share their Holi experiences, and speak of personal space, consent, and fear. Pic/iStock

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Holi 2022: Mumbaikars bring in festivities with natural colours and tasty food

City dwellers are excited to celebrate the festival of colours in a fuller way this time around, even if they can’t enjoy it in large groups like they did before the pandemic. Four Mumbaikars share how they will be observing Holi this year with their family and friends along with traditional food, rituals and environment-friendly colours. Pic/iStock

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Keep it summery: Five breezy fabrics for Mumbai’s hot and humid months

It’s starting to feel a lot like summer. Mid-day Online got two industry experts running two very diverse homegrown fashion brands in Mumbai to share their favourite summer fabrics which let the skin breathe. Pic/iStock

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Saved by the stitch: Why more Mumbaikars are embracing upcycled fashion

The need for sustainability has accelerated thrift shopping, and upcycled fashion isn’t far behind. With the conversation around ‘pre-loved’ clothing gaining momentum, three Mumbaikars who re-fashion old clothes share why and how they do it. Pic/Misha Paul

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World Sleep Day: Mumbai experts bust myths and give tips for a good night’s sleep

Many people struggle to sleep well, which in turn upsets their daily routine. Three city doctors highlight misconceptions surrounding the night time activity such as it is okay to sleep less and snoring is not an issue. They also share easy tips to help you sleep better. Pic/iStock

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Explained: Why one needs to sleep adequately and ditch screens before bedtime

Sleeping is one of the most important restful activities necessary for the human body to recover. However, many people take it for granted. Ahead of World Sleep Day, Mid-day Online reached out to two city experts to give people a reminder about why sleep is important, screens are bad and how power naps help. Pic/iStock

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Not just tooth decay: What is dental caries, which affects the oral health of over 50 pct of young Indians?

Over 50 percent of Indians develop dental caries, a globally widespread condition affecting the oral health of individuals at different stages of life. Ahead of World Oral Health Day, observed on March 20, an expert explains what causes dental caries and why early attention and care is important for good oral health. Pic/iStock

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