Footwear fashion tips: Check these shoe trends that are driving the market

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Fashion brands are under high pressure to reinvent themselves after the pandemic but many are inevitable to adapt digital fashion for the future of sustainable fashion since traditional fashion brands used to be hesitant in implementing new technologies and the footwear industry could not be left behind. Style labels are implementing consumer-centric strategy to see what customers really want and this disruption of the fashion industry along with reshaping the existing business model could be the ultimate solution to meet the needs of fashion brands and consumers alike.

With sustainability, reusability and self-care at the top of brand-conscious new-age consumers, an evident shift is seen in how customers interact with brands and their products while supporting sustainability is the new fashion trend and rightly so. The sustainable fashion is influencing the post-pandemic fashion choices as Covid-19 lockdowns lift across the globe after two years of the coronavirus pandemic.

Everybody loves to look trendy and always be up to date in fashion and this means doing a lot of shopping but we forget and ignore the cost with which it comes and that is the environment. According to the BBC, fashion accounts for about 10% of the World Carbon Emission and nearly 20% of the world’s wastewater and all these figures hint at the impact on the environment that fast fashion is making.

Brands that go through various channels of selling and distribution tend to be lighter on the quality and heavier on the cost, making you feel like you are purchasing premium products. However, if you go the extra mile and look for a brand that offers Direct-To-Consumer services, you are eliminating middlemen, paying for high-quality products which are directly manufactured at a unit and sent to you. Consciousness for D2C is driving the footwear fashion industry.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Veena Ashiya, Founder and CEO of Monrow Shoes & Accessories, shared, “The footwear industry is slowly making the mark and taking the reigns toward sustainable fashion as the industry and more importantly, new age start-ups are taking it into their hands to make sure that fashion is now contributing to making our earth a better place for the future of fashion. The brands now a days are using vegan, reusable and recyclable materials for the products which are laying the foundation for conscious fashion for the millennials and GenZ. In sustainable footwear, shoes, heels and flats all are facing a major welcome from the consumers as the generation is becoming conscious of what they wear and how much effect does the same has on mother earth.”

Manohar Kamath, CXO and Chief – Myntra Fashion Brands, Myntra rooted for the same and said, “GenZ consumers are known to resonate well with brands that echo their value systems, while also staying trendy in their fashion choices. The fashion world is witnessing an increased inclination towards adopting sustainable fashion with a consciousness toward the environment at large. Sustainable footwear, like fashion, has found its place in the hearts of new-age consumers.”

He added, “The brands are offering a wide range of contemporary renditions of the many native designs and crafts present in the Indian heritage made of eco-friendly fabrics and vegan leather to fashion-conscious consumers. A natural visual appeal, with unique designs, hand block printing, weaving, tie and die sets the collection apart, creating a niche within the segment. Although creating a 100% eco-friendly line of footwear comes with its set of underlying challenges, brands are coming up with innovative solutions such as using wool, and cotton as raw materials to create stylish, trendy yet sustainable product lines.”


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