Fans react to Tiger Shroff’s Poori Gal Baat, says it ‘sounds similiar’ to KAI’s Peaches: ‘Took fanboying too seriously’

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Hours after actor Tiger Shroff announced his music video for his first Punjabi song Poori Gal Baat, K-pop fans have reacted to it. They said that the track is very much similar to Peaches by South Korean singer and EXO member KAI. The fans also said that the dance moves are similar too. Tiger along with Mouni Roy featured together for the first time in the music video. This is the first Punjabi song sung by Tiger. (Also Read | Poori Gal Baat: Tiger Shroff romances Mouni Roy in first Punjabi single, Disha Patani reacts)

On Instagram, Tiger Shroff shared the video of the song and wrote, “One of the most challenging things I have ever done. My first Punjabi single tell me what u guys think.” The music for the song is by Prem and Hardeep while Ranbir Singh has penned the lyrics. The English part is by Arjun. Rahul Shetty and Zui Vaidya choreographed the song, which has been directed by Rahul Shetty. The music video also features Mouni Roy.

Reacting to the video, fans took to the comments section of YouTube and shared their views. A person wrote, “I came after hearing this song getting compared of KAI’s peaches and I do hear the similarities! And the dance is extremely similar to KAI’s mhmm.”

“That line ‘puri gal baat’ is exactly same as peaches….EXO rocks,” commented a person. “There is a huge difference between ‘getting inspired ‘and ‘copying’. Kim Jongin aka KAI and his agency did hard work not because after a month someone can copy their hard work without damn credits. He worked all they not because someone can steal his hard work. We can’t just let go of things and give us title ‘he got inspired’. “Sampling”. My foot!! KAI deserves all credits, can’t just Tiger Shroff post about this or say about this in any interview? Stop being overprotective towards your idols, he stole someone’s hard work just accept it,” commented another person.

“The music is extremely similar to peaches by Kai. The choreography also matches. The creators should give him credit at least,” said a fan. Another wrote, “The dance style, lights, video choreography is literally KAI’s peaches.”

The video was also shared on Instagram by a user. The words on the clip read, “Are we going to ignore the fact that Tiger Shroff just released a song that sounds almost similar to KAI’s Peaches?” Reacting to it, a fan wrote, “I really thought he was a genuine fan who appreciated kai and his work but alas we were all mistaken. These guys are so shameless they don’t have any original content and are outright copying other artists’ hard work without even giving proper credit.”

“Honestly I think only the first line sounds similar. He was definitely inspired (maybe a little too much) but I wouldn’t call it plagiarism,” said a person. “He took fanboying a bit too seriously,” wrote another. “The background is like studio choom, song is like peaches, some steps /formations reminds me Mmmh and next thing we know SM will launch Bollywood wood EXO featuring Tiger Shroff,” said a fan.

Tiger is a K-pop fan who often shares videos on Instagram about his love for the genre. Last year, he had shared a video in which he was worked out while listening to EXO’s song Love Shot. He had also shared a clip as he danced KAI’s hit track Mmmh.




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