Falcon demonstrates incredible precision during flight. Watch viral video

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The video that showcases the falcon demonstrating incredible precision during the flight was posted on Twitter. 

There is no dearth of videos online that show birds taking breathtaking flights showcasing their awe-inspiring skills. Just like this incredible video involving a falcon. The video posted on Twitter shows a falcon flying in between a short gap created by two women standing with their foreheads joined. The video that has gone massively viral has left netizens stunned and may have the same effect on you.

“Precision,” reads the caption of the video posted on Twitter with an ok hand emoticon by Buitengebieden. The video shows two women standing in front of each other with their foreheads joined. A person directs the bird into the small gap between their faces, and it soon whooshed past them with precision to the person guiding it.

Watch the stunning video below:

The video was shared three days ago and has since accumulated over eight million views on Twitter. The share has also received more than 2.8 lakh likes and 30,200 retweets. The clip has also received varied comments.

“One of the next plans is to own a falcon,” posted an individual. “This is one reason I would not come back as a bird. My sense of direction is bad and both of those ladies would have been slapped with my wings,” shared another. “Love those birds. Definitely descendants of the velociraptor,” commented a third.

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