Esha Gupta calls for empathy in the industry: We don’t need to be proud about slogging ourselves

Actor Esha Gupta, who contracted Covid-19 last month, feels that getting back to work is important but not at the cost of one’s health. However, that is not always appreciated in the industry.

“I hope not just our industry but the world becomes more empathetic towards others (especially after the pandemic),” she says.

The 36-year-old adds, “I don’t know whether the industry has become an equal or fair place to work in, especially after the pandemic. But I really think that we, as Indians, love to work overtime and work through the pain. We love to show that we can work through crises and compare our pain with others, which is wrong.”

On getting back to work after recovering from Covid-19, the actor feels that every person’s speed of bouncing back varies. Every human being is different. We don’t need to be proud about slogging ourselves. I see it even now that it is applauded if we come back faster to work, even if our mental and physical health isn’t allowing us to, or we would be replaced (if we don’t get back),” adds the actor, who contracted Covid-19 last month when she was in Spain with her boyfriend, Manuel Campos Guallar.

The 36-year-old feels that the last two years of living in the pandemic has taught us a lot. “Pandemic has slowed the world to realise that life is about happiness and loved ones, not clothes or cars. It’s slowed us to make us realise what really matters. It has also aged us and made us much more mature. It definitely took two years of our life, but we need to learn a lot from it,” she shares.

On the work front, Gupta will soon be seen in two web projects — Aashram 3 and Invisible Woman. She credits the pandemic phase for helping OTT shine in India. “Covid in India got OTT a space that we wouldn’t have thought of any time soon, and the kind of content we have now is just amazing. Whether it’s the story or actors, people are taking more risks and delivering great work. I have been blessed, and I’m probably at my happiest in my career right now,” concludes the actor.

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