Elnaaz Norouzi on working with Gerard Butler in her second international project, Kandahar

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Actor Elnaaz Norouzi, who shot to fame with Sacred Games, has bagged a role in the Hollywood film Kandahar.

After the second season of Tehran, Elnaaz Norouzi has got another international project in her kitty: Kandahar, a film which Hollywood actor Gerard Butler leads.

“It’s an action film, that’s all I can say right now. We started work on it in January, and it was lovely working with the unit and crew. A lot of explosions were happening on set, it is a big action film,” quips the 29-year-old.

She making a career in the West all depends on how you put yourself out there.

“I have acting friends who have tried their luck too, you are required to audition there. I know the kind of actor I am, and auditions are the trend in Hollywood. I love it. When directors tell me the scene they want me to do, it’s very important. Auditioning is how I got Tehran and even Kandahar. Whether it’s a guest role or cameo, they still want to see how you look like in the character, no matter how big a star you are in India,” shares Norouzi.

It worked for her. “There, you are in a position where they choose you, while here in India, you choose.” Kandahar also stars Ali Fazal.

What one cannot miss asking the actor is her experience working with Butler. She gets excited and gushes, “All that’s left for us actors is dubbing for the film. I have had the most incredible time on the sets. Gerard is so much fun. He doesn’t behave like a star or have any attitude. He’s all heart and very sweet. He was so interested in knowing how does Bollywood work, how’s everyone in India. He wants to come here soon, and do those spiritual trips. He’s a very cool human being.”

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