“Dont Fear Your Failures, Conquer Them To Succeed”, Says 20 Yr Artist Mark Sayks, His Story Will Inspire You and Many.

Once Someone Said- “Success is the sum of small efforts – repeated day in and day out.” Success is not that is achieved overnight, it is addition of your daily struggles and hustle that you go through, the sacrifices that you make, the failures you encounter, everything adds up to your success. In Today’s Feature, We will tell you about a success story that you’ve never heard before. Mark Sayks a blogger, model, artist and what not. This 20 year old sensation has proved that everything can be achieved if you work hard to achieve them. Hailing from Mexico, Mark has performed at many major events in the world.

He came in limelight due to his relationship with the American- Filipino singer Bella Poarch. But, ever since his break up he has proven his worth to the world. Initially, Mark faced many challenges, he had no path in front of himself. He tried various options, which also included a year of modelling in France. After a lot of introspection, hard work and dedication he has finally reached where he always wanted to go. He is on the path of success and is continuously working on becoming a better version of himself.


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