Composer-singer QARAN questions focus on social media number over streaming

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Composer-singer QARAN is wondering why is everyone taking note of social media numbers over streaming numbers, saying it is then used to ascertain the value of an artiste.

“I think the industry puts a disproportionate amount of value on an artists social media numbers over their actual record sales / streaming numbers,” says QARAN, who rose to fame with his debut song, Tareefan (Veere Di Wedding, 2018), adding, “This is something that I would like to see change as not every artist is a content creator.”

But that is not the only thing he would like the music industry to rectify, as he mentions, “As of now, musicians only get 12% of the revenue that music generates. I think the music industry has a lot of room for improvement when it comes to a healthy symbiosis with its artistes.”

When it comes to the biggest challenges he is facing as a musician, the singer reveals, “I always want to continue pushing the boundaries of Indian pop music. This is something that is often met by resistance with those with a more conservative vision.”

After getting popularity with his song in Bollywood, he has navigated the music scene as an independent artist, releasing Haaye Oye and Ooo Ooo. But he is most often credited for his Bollywood number. Does it bother you?

“I’m very proud to carry the ‘Tareefan’ tag with me as it is rare that an artist’s debut record becomes as big as Tareefan has. That being said, I’m secure in myself as an artist because my other hits like Haaye Oye, a non-film song, for example, surpassed the streaming numbers of even Tareefan,” he says.

And that pushes him to explore new music zones. “I am working on a bunch of new music with completely new sounds that I am excited to share with everyone soon,” wraps up QARAN.


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