Bobby Deol’s reaction to memes about him is simply hilarious. Watch video

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This video that was posted by Love Hostel actor Bobby Deol on his Twitter handle, shows how he reacts to memes about him.

If you are familiar with social media and the memes that keep circulating on it, then it may not come as a surprise to you that Bobby Deol is often in the spotlight. The Internet, especially Twitter, keeps calling actor Bobby Deol as Lord Bobby and other such names that he takes in his stride and laughs off. This time, with the release of his movie Love Hostel, he has responded to the viral Bobby Deol memes in a Twitter video he posted.

The video opens to show him standing as some memes of his flash on the screen, to which he reacts with grace and humour. One meme shows him using airpods in the 1990s and he says that he had always been ahead of his time. Another frame shows him taking what looks like an RT-PCR test of actor Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in the movie Aur Pyar Hogaya. To this he says, “Sorry Aishwarya, but Bobby got a little ‘Swabby.’ Get it? Swab test, Bobby-Swabby.”

He even said that his father Dharmendra said that a real man is who inspires others. This was in reference to the fact that many people said that The Weeknd got inspired by him right here. These trending Bobby Deol memes have often made it to the headlines with the swab test meme being quite the hit ever since the pandemic has been around. 

Look at the Twitter video where Bobby Deol reacts to the memes about himself right here:

Love Hostel also stars actors Sania Malhotra and Vikrant Massey. It has been airing on ZEE5 since February 25. 

This reaction video, however, was posted on Bobby Deol’s Twitter handle on March 1. It has received more than 250 likes and several comments like, “Lovely… Shandaar…You just keep moving forward.” Another individual posted, “Awesome.” It was followed by fire emojis.

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