Arnica Healthtech’s Commitment to Social Innovation in Healthcare

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Arnica Healthtech, established on August 29, 2019, by Nihal Singh and under the leadership of Dr. Kavita Mehlawat, is dedicated to enhancing healthcare infrastructure through innovative solutions. Specializing in MRI and CT scan machines, the company is driven by a vision to deliver hi-tech healthcare services that are tailored to individuals at every stage of life.

Arnica Healthtech integrates the innovative prowess of its parent organization, Arnica Healthtech Ltd., to continuously develop advanced solutions in diagnostic imaging, ultrasound, neurosurgery, and digital health. These solutions are designed to improve diagnostic accuracy, streamline workflows, and enhance patient experiences.

The company’s mission extends beyond product innovation. By focusing on social infrastructure, Arnica Healthtech aims to create a more convenient and comfortable society. Recognizing the crucial role of healthcare in supporting modern society, the company has made it a central pillar of its Social Innovation Business.

Arnica Healthtech remains committed to exploring emerging technologies and refining product features to offer high-performing, cost-effective systems. This dedication ensures that they are at the forefront of building a better healthcare system for all.


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