Anupamaa written update May 25: Anupamaa and Anuj begin married life, Kavya gives Vanraj huge shock


The latest episode of Anupamaa comes with new drama for Anupamaa’s married life. On one hand, Anupamaa is happy about her new house, new family, and new life. But on the other hand, Vanraj struggles as all responsibilities of the house fall on him. Read the full article to find out what Kavya tells Vanraj that will change his life forever. Also read: Anupamaa written update May 24: Anupamaa receives special gift from Anuj and GK

Anupamaa and Anuj’s romantic dinner

After all guests and family members leave, Anuj and Anupamaa are left alone in the house. They have dinner and then Anuj helps Anupamaa clean up. As the two celebrate their first night together, they try to help and understand each other. Anuj romances with his wife and Anupama feels overwhelmed.

The next day, Anupamaa gets ready to handle the responsibilities of her new household. She prays for her family members as she used to do, but she now adds Anuj’s name to the list. And she also prays for herself for the first time. GK and Anuj are all hearts for Anupamaa’s dedication and devotion.

Vanraj struggles with new responsibilities

Now that Anupamaa has left, Vanraj gets anxious about all the responsibilities. The Shah family has come to Jamnagar to take care of Vanraj’s grandmother, who is hospitalised. Vanraj manages to take care of his grandmother, while also handling the kids at home. He tells everyone that even if Anupama is gone, they will always have him and he will do everything for them.

Meanwhile, Leela notices something suspicious with Kavya. She follows her and finds out that she had been talking to her ex-husband Aniruddh all this while. She yells at Kavya, bringing everyone’s attention towards them. Kavya admits that she has been talking to Aniruddh for a long time and she apologizes for doing so secretly. She adds that from now on she will not do it secretly but in the open.

Vanraj is shocked and tries to question her. But she reveals to him that she has been thinking about it for a long time but has kept her calm because of Anupama’s marriage. She announces that she wants to divorce Vanraj. The Shah family is shocked at her announcement. Leela angrily asks her to leave but Kavya tells everyone that she will stay in the house until the divorce is finalized. Leela is disheartened but Vanraj gets furious. He wonders that even if he tries to do some good, by some way or the other he is always bothered by his life partners.

Agitated, Vanraj announces that now he is the only person who will control and handle the entire house and the family. Keep watching this space to know more.



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