Anupama written update May 18: Leela has a change of heart, arrives to bless Anupama at her wedding


In the latest episode of Anupama, we see Anupama and Anuj’s wedding celebrations finally moving ahead after several roadblocks. Finally, Malvika is able to convince Anuj to get married without her. Anuj and Anupama overcome all worries and societal pressure and are set to tie the knot now. Read this article for all the updates from your favorite show, Anupama. Also read: Anupamaa and Anuj get married as Vanraj looks on in first video from wedding, fan says: ‘Finally maan ek hogaye’. Watch

Anupama’s family gets ready to welcome Anuj 

In the previous episode, we saw Anupama worrying about her dual role as a mother and Anuj’s wife. In this episode, we see Pakhi, Toshu, and Samar comforting her that she should only care about her happiness now. They assure her that they will take care of each other. After this heartwarming sequence, we will also see Vanraj softening towards Anuj and Anupama. However, Leela, who Anupama desperately wants in her wedding, is nowhere to be seen. Will Anupama’s final wish to have her mother-in-law’s blessings remain unaccepted? Read more to find out. 

Leela’s change of heart 

As Anuj’s baraat is about to arrive, Anupama is anxiously waiting, looking gorgeous in her bridal attire. Kinjal, Dolly, and Pakhi get a little emotional seeing Anupama so happy. GK and Devika also remark that they never thought Anuj and Anupama would meet, but God had better plans for the two. 

And just as almost everyone is supporting the couple, Leela, too, has a change of heart. As Anuj arrives at the wedding venue with his family, Kanta gets ready to welcome him. Rakhi Dave comments that it should be Leela doing this ritual. As everyone is dejected, convinced that Leela would never join the wedding, Leela amazes them all by arriving happily for the wedding rituals. Anuj and Hasmukh are overwhelmed. Leela finally blesses Anupama at her wedding. Kavya is also seen convincing Vanraj to welcome Anuj in the family. 

Anupama arrives and Anuj is all hearts seeing the love of his life as his bride. The shy bride finally dances and expresses her joy. She also surprises Anuj by wearing his mother’s ‘ghungroo’. The episode ends with the family rejoicing in Anuj and Anupama’s happiness.

In the next episode, we will see more merry moments with the Shah family marrying their beloved daughter off. Vanraj will also surprise everyone with his next move. Keep watching this space to know more.



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