Anmol masih from Tasvirwala Came out with  a message-oriented short film On Independence day

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So, finally the wait is over.

Anmol Masih from Tasvirwala came out with his first shortfilm, which was Written and Directed by Ashutosh Kumar.

This short movie has been released on the YouTube channel “Talk with Ashutosh”.

As it was Anmol Masih first short film, he stated that he was very nervous about his work and even it was no budget short film, so he decided to do all the editing work by himself and it was very hectic for him to handle all the editing work.

This story is named “Wake Up India” and written by Ashutosh Kumar. Anmol Masih and Ashutosh are college friends with similar thoughts and have a great bond between them.

As it was their collaboration project with their college, “Saraswati Group of College, Mohali”. So all the cast were selected from their college.

Cast :-

Anmol Masih

Sakshi Saini


Tanvi kaushik


Something about the Story :-

The story in this short Movie show us that the youth now days are always on phone and not even celebration independence day.

A news has also came that there are more upcoming projects of TasvirWala Studios on the Channel “Talk with Ashutosh” or “Tasvirwala”


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