Ajith-starrer Valimai director H Vinoth says, ‘youngsters failed to recognise film’s message of peer pressure’

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Actor Ajith Kumar’s latest Tamil film Valimai is having a dream run at the box office with over Rs150 crore gross earnings. The film’s director H. Vinoth marked his second consecutive collaboration with Ajith with Valimai. H Vinoth recently spoke about the overwhelming reception to the film, but revealed that he feels youngsters have failed to recognise the film’s message. He explained that Valimi is about how the system and society judges people based on certain parameters like job and success. Also Read: Valimai BO report: Ajith’s film crosses 150 crore in its opening weekend

Vinoth said that Valimai, which tells the story of an honest cop as he goes after a biker outlaw gang that employs unemployed youth to carry out crimes such as theft, murders, and drug peddling, sends a message about the pressure the society puts on the youth of today.

He told DTNext, “Valimai isn’t exactly what one section of the audience perceives it to be– the youngsters. The film is packed with a strong message of peer pressure and social challenges that the youth has been going through in modern society. Similar to women empowerment, this is another relevant topic.”

The filmmaker noted that the youngsters face the wrath of society if they fail to land a proper job, as the system pushes them to chase money and fame. He continued that the core storyline that Valimai wanted to tell the audience was how young boys who struggle to find meals and a home for themselves lose time to sleep and eat when they finally achieve what they want. Vinoth said that just like how women get judged in society, youngsters too are judged on parameters like success, jobs, and money, but the youth failed to recognise this message in the film.

He explained, “While some are able to achieve it, some aren’t. At a point in time, they are pressured by their parents and relatives– comparisons are drawn. They end up taking the wrong path and resort to drugs and alcoholism. Without promoting alcoholism or drug abuse, the story of Valimai has discussed things about youths, who are misled and end up being rebels. Moreover, such a story has struck a chord with women and family audiences. Youngsters have failed to recognise the story’s potential and the message it has for them.”

Produced by Boney Kapoor, Valimai also featured Huma Qureshi and Karthikeya in pivotal roles. Apart from the original Tamil version, it was released in Telugu and Kannada as well.



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