18-year-old gets $1,800 reward from mom for staying off social media for six years

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“Incredible” and “awesome” are some of the few words that people are using while expressing their appreciation for a story involving a mom and her son that is now going viral online. Turns out, this mom gave $1,800 to his son after he fulfilled his promise of staying away from social media for six years until his 18th birthday.

Mother Lorna Goldstrand Klefsaas shared a post documenting the incident and since being posted, it has captured people’s attention. “Six years ago I offered Sivert $1800 to stay off social media until he was 18. Even though $1800 is a lot more to a 12 year old than it is to an 18 year old, he has stuck to our deal. He turns 18 tomorrow. He will have $1800 in his pocket and new accounts on Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter! FYI—it’s some of the best money I have ever spent!!!” she wrote and shared an image of her son.

Take a look at the post:

The post, since being shared a few days ago, has gathered tons of comments from people. While some praised the mom’s idea, a few appreciated the Sivert for his sticking to the deal.

“That’s incredible,” wrote a Facebook user. “Smart mama,” shared another. “This is awesome! I might steal this parenting hack!” commented a third. “Fantastic,” expressed a fourth.

Lorna Goldstrand Klefsaas came up with the idea after seeing Sivert’s older sister struggle with social media, reports NBC affiliate KARE. “She got so obsessed with keeping up her Snapchat streaks that really it was affecting her mood. It was affecting her friendships. I mean, it was like an intervention. She was really, really upset, but it was not even three weeks later that she thanked us and said she was so happy to not have her phone,” she said.

“It’s hilarious. I feel like I’m like 80. I can’t seem to figure out social media. It’s pretty embarrassing. I’ll be with my friends, and they are like, ‘what are you doing?'” said Sivert. “On the whole I would say totally worth it. I mean, I would do it again,” he added.

In yet another post, she also shared the birthday celebration of her son turning 18:

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