Netflix shows robbed: After The Crown, antiques, equipment worth ₹2.5 crore stolen from Lupin sets

Money Heist isn’t just a show on Netflix anymore. It seems to be the new reality at the streaming giant. Spokespersons for Netflix confirmed recently that thieves stole antiques, equipment, and props worth over half a million dollars ( 4 crore) from the production of two of their most popular shows- The Crown and Lupin. Reports had claimed that the two sets had been hit in the last week of February in separate incidents. Netflix has confirmed the incidents now. (Also read: Robbery on The Crown sets: 350 antique props stolen during filming in UK)

Several reports had claimed that the sets of The Crown had been burgled on February 24. The Crown is based on the lives of the members of the British Royal Family, particularly Queen Elizabeth II. It was reported that vehicles had been broken into and props used to decorate the sets on the show based on the British Royal Family had been stolen. As per one report, “a replica Fabergé egg and gold and silver candelabras, and other props worth $200,000 ( 1.5 crore)” were stolen.

The Hollywood Reporter quoted a Netflix spokesperson about the robbery: “We can confirm the antiques have been stolen and we hope that they are found and returned safely. Replacements will be sourced, there is no expectation that filming will be held up.”

Similarly, AFP had reported in February that the Paris-based set of Netflix’s Lupin had been broken into on February 25. As per the report, “20 thieves with covered faces broke onto the set on Feb. 25, threw fireworks and stole roughly $330,000 ( 2.5 crore) worth of equipment.”

The Hollywood Reporter’s statement from Netflix spokesperson confirmed this heist as well. “There was an incident on 25th February whilst filming the upcoming season of Lupin. Our cast and crew are safe and there were no injuries,” it said. Ironically enough, Lupin is a French-language heist drama that deals with large-scale robberies. In fact, Omar Sy who stars as master thief Assane Diop in the show, was reportedly on set when the robbers struck.

The Crown is set to return with its fifth season in November this year with Imelda Staunton taking over as Queen Elizabeth from Olivia Colman, who played the role in seasons 3 and 4. Claire Foy had been the series lead in its first two seasons. Lupin’s third part is also currently under production but no news is out on whet it will begin streaming.


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