Mukul Mani Tripathi : The Youth brigade and the Successful Businessman.

Prospective candidate Mukul Mani Tripathi of District Panchayat member area, Baitalpur North Deoria, who was born on July 3 in Deoria district, Uttar Pradesh. Mukul Mani Tripathi has been moving forward with a new plan since childhood, as well as while completing his studies, he himself advanced himself in the field of business as well as carried forward the name of his parents.

He started from a very low level in the field of real estate and together, in today’s date, he has made a big name for his company with hard work and sincerity and at the same time now he has decided that he will do good and development of his village in his area. For which he decided to serve by joining politics.

Mukul Mani Tripathi’s Facebook followers are more than 70000, as well as he is very much spoken among the youth, the name of Mukul Mani Tripathi remains on the mouth of all the elders, women and children of the village because they do not see any time or time to serve. Therefore, where there is a problem, there they are present and solve the problem under their supervision.


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